Follow Your Bliss in 2018

One of the most inspiring moments for me this past year was attending a solar eclipse gathering in Oregon. The total eclipse was breathtaking. I know you’ve seen photos of it, but to actually see it with your own naked eye is just mind-boggling; it’s incredible. A complete sense of “awe” washed over me. I gathered with 40,000 other stargazers in a great open prairie roughly 200 miles east of Portland, Oregon. Gradually the sun got smaller and smaller until finally at 10:17 AM it happened: Totality. The sky turned dark and a deep chill filled the air as everyone around me burst into cheer. For one minute and fifty seconds the moon totally clocked the sun. A temporary night made it safe enough to remove my glasses and witness the celestial spectacle with my own naked eyes. In that moment I got one small glimpse into the vastness of the universe; its magnitude. The solar system is HUGE!!! It was humbling and I felt small, but at the same time a part of something larger than myself. I had to shift my mental perspective around completely just to make sense of what i was ACTUALLY seeing. Then it dawned on me that maybe there are no coincidences and none of this was an accident? That maybe there is a hand in everything guiding us and our planet? Then the sun peeked through the other side. Morning broke and the day was reborn.

Whether you’re a past client of mine or new to the world of psychotherapy, I want to thank you for making the past year so phenomenal. I pray that you are blessed with a fruitful year ahead.

In 2018 I want to make a point of watching the stars and sunset as often as I can (is there really such a thing as too many sunsets? Probably not…) and looking for wonder and awe in the seemingly insignificant and ordinary things.

So what about you? Let me know what this new year means for you by shooting me an email or connecting with me on Twitter or Facebook

Wishing you and your family ALL THE BLISS in the New Year, full of wonder and AWE. Let’s all make 2018 the healthiest year yet.

In Mind Health and Happiness,

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